About Robyn Miller home

After earning a B.F.A. degree from The University of Michigan, Robyn Lash Miller moved to New York City to begin a career in graphic design. Fun and fresh and modern, Robyn's style comes from her background as a children's book designer who later went on to the stylish world of magazine publishing. She worked for premier titles such as New York Magazine, Shape, Fit Pregnancy and finally, as art director for SELF Magazine.

The paper trail began when Robyn started illustrating birth announcements as gifts for friends. She found that once a baby came along, people suddenly needed bigger homes, which led her to create moving announcements. Then the babies had birthdays, which called for invitations. Very quickly, a few friends had turned into friends of friends and, in 2003, she officially launched Robyn Miller Design.

Robyn lives in Westchester, New York with her husband Todd and their three sons Jonah, Griffin and Trevor.